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Who am I?

I am an enterprising person, who loves challenges and doesn’t give up easily. Very detailed and self-taught, I never stop learning. I’ve always been passionate about understanding how things work. Luckily, I’ve made my hobby my job. Being always attentive and at the forefront of technology allows me to find efficient solutions.

My first studies were focused on electronics but little by little I got closer to mechanics and 3D design, going through a master’s degree in biomedical engineering, although I always save time to continue training. I’ve designed printed circuits, 3D printers or even computer apps, such as this web page that is designed and created entirely by me.

In short, I’ve focused on enhancing my ability to create and understand each of the elements that make up any type of product in order to have an ideal profile to manage or direct all kinds of projects. If you want to know me a little more, below you can find a brief explanation of my abilities and a timeline with my experiences. If you want to follow my projects you can do it from my personal blog oriented to 3D printing.


One of the sectors where 3D printing has the most potential is at health. Each patient is different and being able to provide customized solutions is a reality that is already being implemented. Personalized medicine reduces time and costs, notably improving the quality and experience of the patient. I've experience in all types of medical projects for tailored solutions such as the design of surgical guides or consulting and advice for 3D labs for hospitals.


It's been a long time since 3D printing became my passion and profession. I started creating my own 3D printers and I've ended up working with all the latest technologies, such as metallic 3D printers, CNC or 3D scanners among others. The main challenge is knowing all the variants of 3D technologies that exist and how to implement them correctly depending on the needs. Therefore, as an expert in additive manufacturing I'm able to calculate times, costs and the optimal way to apply these tools.


The main problem of personalized medicine is the lack of knowledge with the legislation and procedures regulated by the CE mark in 3D printing. As these are innovative techniques, not only do doubts arise about applications and equipment, it's also easy to find people who, due to ignorance, carry out processes irregularly, putting patient safety at risk. To avoid these situations I acquired knowledge of biomaterials, ISO-13485, FDA and CE regulations among other things.


Thanks to all this accumulated experience, the possibility has arisen to share and teach my knowledge of 3D in a great number of different areas, not only in health. I've done training for companies, engineering, architect or even to university teachers. In the health area, I've given lectures and trainings for both doctors and entire hospital departments. For example at the Official College of Physicians of Barcelona (COMB) or for the Son Espases University Hospital at Palma de Mallorca.




Passion for technology is essential to be at the forefront, a basic characteristic to offer efficient solutions. I like to stay informed of new developments and new applications. With knowledge of electronics, programming, mechanics, 3D design, I enjoy understanding how all kinds of objects have been manufactured, designed and how they work. Always curious, I try to never stop learning.

I’ve completed an official master’s degree in biomedical engineering of 120 ECTS credits and I’ve complemented it with an postgraduate degree in expert in medical devices. In the master, I acquired advanced training in different areas of the discipline, allowing both academic and professional specialization and initiation in research tasks. In postgraduate I acquired a deeper knowledge in the regulation and standards of medical devices.

It’s becoming more and more common to complement any type of work or process with 3D printing. From teacher to product designers, doctors or even architects. The main challenge is knowing all the variants of 3D technologies that exist and their limitations. According to ISO / ASTM 52900 there are 11 different technologies, but within each one there are variants and also, each time there are new advances and new 3D printing methods. As an expert in additive manufacturing, I am able to calculate times, costs and the optimal way to apply any of the 3D printing tools.

The combination of knowledge in 3D printing and CAD tools has allowed me to build all kinds of interesting projects. I’ve been part of the development of a 1 cubic meter giant 3D printer and a high resolution 3D printers (SLA), among other things. I have advised and designed parts of an assembly line to reduce costs, I’ve restored objects applying 3D techniques that were given by order, I’ve designed trophies for an awards ceremony or even designed lamps. The ability to understand the operation of 3D printing, knowledge of electrical circuits, design and materials allows me to apply the solution as the sum of different points of view.


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